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Real stories by Guizhou students:

Following is a letter of application to 3E from a student for a scholarship. We receive many letters from the students each semester, asking for sponsorship.

Dear 3E:

I am a countryside boy from Wuxin village, Huishui County.

There are five people in my family. This year, I am in the first year of Junior High School. My older brother is in the third year of Junior High School. With both of us in Junior High, we need more money than before. Last year, to pay for our tuition fee, my father sold the only cattle in my family. Because of our financial situation, my father left home to go to Guangdong province to work just after Chinese New Year. My mother stayed home to do the farm work and take care of my grandmother. I cherish the chance to study very much. Because my family is poor, I worry about my future sometimes.

So, I really hope I can get your kind hearted people’s help.

Then my dream to study can come true. I am so thankful.

Through my teacher’s introduction, I write this letter to 3E Company. I hope I can get your help.

L. Z. Z
March 15th 2006

His Expenses (in US$ per term):

Book fee: 18.00, Insurance: 2.00, Class fee: 2.50 Accommodation: 5.00, Steam rice: 5.00, Vegetables: 25.00, Total: 57.50

A story written by a high school student:

I am a boy from an area that is poor and mountainous. There is no income at my home. My parents are both farmers with no education. My father, especially, is weak and was ill often.

The circumstances of our lives were so bad, that my parents got an divorce eventually. My mother got married again, and left my brother and me to our father. To provide school fees for my brother and I, my father worked outside of the province most of the year.

My father had no education, so the jobs he got was tiring and heavy. Sadly, the pays of these jobs were extremely low even though it’s harder work, it was only enough for our family to live on and to pay for part of the school fees. Even so, my father, who got really sick eventually,  insisted on carry on working. So that my brother and I will not get drop out of school.

To earn more money, my father worked very hard. He save up every penny. He work for more than 10 hours a day, but had no more than four yuan to live on. So then, he got thinner and more unhealthy. From this long term overworking malnutrition, my father passed away last year.

Now my brother and I have no one else, only each other. Even though financial difficulty remain the biggest pressure and burden, but I will, and also teach my brother to overcome the hardship. We will put all our energy on our studies. As long as I can be at school for one day, I will not give up for any reason.

There are many people who care for us and helping us. We do feel warmth of love from them.

We will study extra hard, not only for ourselves, but also for the sake of my father, and for the sake of the kind and generous people who helped us!

3E is supporting this student, who studies in Duyun at a senior high school as a 3rd year student. We are providing all the expenses he needs to be at school, including his school fees and living allowance. We are also providing for his brother, who is a senior high school 1st year student, with his school fees and living allowance.


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We will put all our energy on our studies. As long as I can be at school for one day, I will not give up for
any reason.

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