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Education is one of the best ways to alleviate poverty.

Children, who have gained lifelong skills and qualifications, are able to help not only themselves, but also their families and their communities in the future. They are investments for the future of these communities.

Who do we help?

Most people know the value of education for their children, but due to their immediate needs they can not afford to pay for their education. Very few families in the countryside can afford to send their children to high school and to send them to university is impossible. 3E comes along-side and helps these families to be able to put their children through school and achieve their best possible potential. Most of our sponsored students are from the countryside.

3E has a special burden to help first the many orphans, children of one parent families, or families who have sick parents unable to work.  Also we seek to help children whose parents have left for the coastal cities for work but have not returned for years leaving the aging grandparents to come up with the financial needs of their grandchildren’s education.  Many times families will have two or three children in school at one time creating a huge financial burden to them and often meaning the girls are left at home unable to be educated.

How do we help?

Since September 2003, 3E has helped more than 900 students with educational costs, including the cost of tuition, books, living and food expenses, or room and board.  We provide many with monthly living expenses that make sure they are able to get 3 meals a day.

3E assists students in all levels of the educational system, including kindergarten, primary school, middle schools, college and university. In some cases we help the whole school (primary school) with providing a flat fee which almost covers the whole cost families face.


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‘Even though I have already taken a loan for all my tuition fees, there are living expenses which come up to quite a bit … You work hard, take time to care for me and sacrifice for me, how do I thank you? I promise to work harder at my studies to repay you for your kindness.’

A university student
studying in Xi’an



A girl in her primary
school classroom.

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