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Pingtang Projects


3E poverty alleviation support has funded various projects, that include:

  • Helping rural villages and families in times of crisis.
  • Improving the educational environment in countryside schools.

Some examples of 3E poverty alleviation projects:

  • Over the years there have been village fires that have destroyed most of the village homes or floods that have brought detestation to villages. We have reached out in these times of disaster and provided clothing, supplies, or funding for those in need. 
  • We have built a bridge over the river that kept the children from going to school during the rainy season due to the high waters. 
  • We have assisted a couple families who had lost their husbands in accidents by helping them complete their homes through giving funding for them to build roofs.
  • We have given funding towards a village road project.
  • 3E has given to remote rural schools with providing school equipment, books and buildings.

For more information about 3E poverty alleviation projects:


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