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Pingtang Projects


3E assists in two ways with our medical projects:

  • Introducing foreign medical experts to cooperate with local hospitals training local doctors.
  • Providing health care for some who can not afford surgeries, either by providing the medical cost directly or finding those who may fund the projects.

Doctors for Doctors

  • Introducing foreign medical experts to cooperate with local hospitals training local doctors and nurses.
  • Organizing Australian teams have provided medical clinics and lectures in local hospitals.
  • Funding for free cataract operations for patients with operable cataracts.

Starting in 2004 Doctors for Doctors have brought in two teams of medical experts that have provided medical training for both doctors and nurses. They have strengthen the ties of friendship between the two countries and allowed the local doctors to see how the medical community looks like in Australia. They were also able to provide free clinics in the countryside as well as over 20 cataract surgeries for the poor from the countryside.

Over the years 3E has also been able to bring in medical teams from America to visit the local hospitals and medical schools and give lectures as well as provide medical clinics in the countryside villages on their market days. Some clinics have also received basic medical equipment and supplies.


3E as a bridge

3E has worked with other organizations and individuals in other countries to provide some major corrective surgeries for children from poor families. These children were in situation where life-saving or dignity-restoring health care was neither affordable nor accessable. 3E came along side the family to take care of not only the physical need but also the emotional need.

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Other medical projects

Not only has 3E served as a bridge between other countries and families in Guizhou, but as we have been faced with medical needs that could be dealt with locally, we have assisted families with getting that medical help.

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During a free clinic session
in a village


An eye specialist examining the eyes of a patient



Experts of 'Doctors for Doctors' giving medical equipment and books to the local hospital of south Guizhou.

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