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Guizhou has beautiful scenery and people. We hope as you enjoy these pictures you will also understand more about the surrounding and lifestyle of some Guizhou people we help.



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3E Development Company - Our main focus is working in overseas development, aid and relief and child sponsorship, specifically in educational and economic development for ethnic minorities, their families and communities.







Guizhou, isolated yet with breathtaking scenery. It is in valleys and mountains like these we find most of the small, rural schools in Guizhou.







This is a typical farm house found in the villages of Guizhou. These houses are usually made by the people who live in it, with wood found in the surrounding forest.







Guizhou has many minority people groups. Pictured here on the left are Shui people. There are many Shui people in South Guizhou, one of the main area where
3E is working.





These pictures are from the minority parade in Duyun, Qiannan (South Guizhou) Prefecture on their 50th year anniversary.

On the 8th of August, 2006, different minority groups in their traditional costumes walked the streets of Duyun.

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