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Located in Southwest China, Guizhou province, a beautiful and mountainous region, has a population of 36 million people. It is in the southwest part of China and brimming with colourful minorities.  Its capital is Guiyang. 3E Guizhou is mainly working in Qiannan Prefecture (the south prefecture of the province).

People's of Guizhou

Nearly 40% in the province belong to ethnic minorities with diverse lifestyles and traditions. Although Han is still the majority of the population, there are many minorities like Miao, Buyi, Dong, Shui, Zhuang and Yao, to name a few. Although Guizhou holds some of China's most gorgeous scenery and rich minority culture most Chinese from other provinces look down on this backward and poor province fearing the minorities and thinking they are all bandits.  Yet in fact, most Guizhou people are extremely hospitable and gracious giving the best they have to their visitors.  

Mountainous and inland

Concealed in deep mountains and situated inland, Guizhou is excluded from the outside world. Since the province is made up of 90% mountains and 5% hills transportation is very behind other provinces that don’t have to deal with the challenges the mountains bring.  Many villages are still a long walk through rice paddy fields from the closest road.  Its economic growth has also been affected by the lack of contact to the outside world. Many of the farmers and villagers have never been outside of their home villages and there has been very little change in their lifestyle for generations.

The needs of Guizhou

More than 3 million people are living under the poverty line with an average annual income per capita below RMB ?625 (US $75). The economic and social development in this province is amongst the lowest in China.

For some, their only concern is just to survive with the crops they’re growing, since for many their land does not produce enough rice or vegetables for them to live on. Though most would value education for their children, or dreams of having a better life, it is sometimes not a reality, or even an option for many of the people of Guizhou.


3E’s work in Guizhou includes:


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Concealed in deep mountains and
situated inland, Guizhou is
excluded from the
outside world.



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