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Frequently asked questions about 3E:

Where does the money come from?

From interested and concerned friends around the world who want to help with the needs in Southwest China.

How do you find the sponsored students or projects?

Most often we respond to requests from teachers, schools, or different departments of the government.  Many times one project leads us to the next one and one family helped introduces us to another family in need.

How do you decide whether or not to fund certain project or individuals, or the amount to give?

Each project/student is individually researched and assessed.  We try our best to respond to the needs when funds are available and the project/student need is urgent. The amount given is decided upon the actual expenses. Co-operation with the local government authorities is essential and we often respond to their requests.  Due to the fact that funds are limited sometimes we have to make hard decisions on what is the most pressing need.

I have heard that Chinese government gives free education to children: why would they need sponsorship?

All governments struggle to meet the demands to provide education for their citizens.  With its massive population, China faces a very critical challenge.  Recent policies are trying to provide for universal education in Western China.  Still there are gaps in funding, especially in rural areas.  More and more poor families are receiving assistance for their children’s education but the needs are still great. We are trying to work in partnership with the education commission in helping meet that need.

Why is there variation in the amount needed for students to go to school in China?

The amount of tuition and fees vary according to where their school is located. Country-side schools charge lower fees while the cost of living in the urban areas is more expensive and drives up the fees.  Prices are set by the local education commission.  Each grade of school varies in their cost. Since the first nine years is compulsory the higher grades and university don’t receive the same subsidies.

What is Chinese government's role in co-operation with 3E?

They are in an advisory role. They have no involvement or control over the funds or requirements as to where the funds should go. They are a huge help and we love the genuine partnership that exists between us. We couldn’t do this work without their permission, encouragement and cooperation.

What portion of the donation given will go to the needy?

Generally speaking, 10% of donations are needed to cover our handling fees and operational costs, which include local salaries, transportation and office needs.  There are specific projects and circumstances where no administrative fees are taken. Examples of this include medical projects as well as monies received from Australia (where we use a personal bank account and no handling fees are taken).

I want to give a donation to 3E Development online using my credit card, how do I do that?

The best way is to go to: NHF.org: Donation for 3E Development. And give donation through the secure check out.

This means that:

  • You will be able to have a tax receipt if you are in United States.
  • You can use credit card from any country to donate this way, provided it is one of the major credit card companies, though there will be no overseas tax receipt if it is not a US credit card.

*IMPORTANT!! if you have a specific area or work you would like your donation to go to, please fill in our online form



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