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3E's Core Values

3E refers to:  Education and economic development for ethnic minority regions.

Education: Sponsoring children and young people in order for them to get an education. We also provide short-term English teacher training.

Economic Development: Training for rural communities in healthcare and farming to improve living standards. We also provide funding for village or family alleviation projects.

Ethnic Minority: Bridging the world to the rich cultures of the minorities of Southwest China.

We believe that all people should have the right to education and economic opportunities. Our commitment and approach to this area is long term, providing tools that allow the people to help themselves out of poverty.

Our goal:

  • To build a bridge between the world and less developed areas of Southwest China.

  • To help the minorities develop economically and to improve their educational standards and access to medical help.

  • To give the people in these areas respect, love, and help, so that they can make an independent living.  To help them get out of poverty earlier and to be cared for as a whole person.

Our areas of work:

Education: Scholarships

Assisting children and young people to meet the cost of education.

Education Consulting

Helping English teachers develop their skills

Medical Projects

Introducing foreign medical experts to cooperate with local hospitals for training doctors and nurses

Providing health care for those who can not afford medical attention or surgeries

Supplying medical equipment and materials for rural clinics

Poverty Alleviation Projects

Helping rural villages and families in times of crisis.

Improving the educational environment in countryside schools.

Building projects (primary school, bridge, roads, lavatory facilities) for poor areas

History of 3E

Tim and Debbie Vinzani moved to Guizhou in 1991 and taught at a local education college, directly involved in training English teachers.  Over the years they visited students’ homes and saw the difficulties many of them faced with poverty and lack of opportunities for a better life. In answer to the request of the local government to help with the poor, in 1996 they established 3E.  At the time, the name was 3E Development Organization which was a joint co-operative partnership with the Qiannan Prefecture government.  

The initial focus was micro-loan development and was mostly among the farmers helping them with their cash flow problem.  They had the ability and experience but lacked the finances to do what they needed (for many it was to buy a couple piglets or fertilizer) to improve their lifestyle.  So 3E came in and loaned an average of US$175 for a period of 6 to 12 months.  With an average 94% payback or refinancing on time it was a success and over the years we were able to help over 3000 families in their time of need. 

During that period we found most families were borrowing the money in order to pay for their kids to go to school.  Although 9 years of education was required by government, education was not free and usually caused a hardship for the families to come up with the necessary funds. Fortunately, this is now changing in the poor areas of China and many of the poverty-stricken farmers can send their kids to school free of tuition.

  • On August 3rd 2001, under the permission of the Secretary of South Carolina, a non-profit company named ‘3E Development Company’ was established.
  • In November 2001, 3E Development Foundation was established in America under the auspices of the National Heritage Foundation, granting us tax exempt, charitable status for donations in the US. 
  • In March 2004, a Representative Office for 3E Development was registered in Duyun, Guizhou Province, China. The following year a Representative Office was also established in Sichuan Province, China.


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3E Development Company - Our main focus is working in overseas development, aid and relief and child sponsorship, specifically in educational and economic development for ethnic minorities, their families and communities.






Our commitment
and approach to this area is long term, providing tools that allow the people to help themselves out
of poverty.




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